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ACD Systems ACDSee

Licencia Commercial
Categoría Graphics

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Funciones principales

  • Manage thousands of digital photos
  • Create slideshows and share photos online
  • Search and organize images using filters and categories
  • View over 100 file formats
  • Touch-up and edit images
  • Backup and synchronize photos with external media

ACDSee is a digital photo management and image-editing program primarily used by personal digital photographers and home users. It is used to organize and touch-up photos taken by digital cameras.

ACDSee provides a Windows Explorer-like interface for managing photos and includes views for organizing, viewing, and editing images. You can search and locate photos using keywords, thumbnails, custom categories, ratings, favorites, or other image metadata. You can also sort, group, show, or hide images using categories and other filters. The program's ability to organize and search through large libraries of photos is especially beneficial if you take a lot of digital photos.

ACDSee allows you to touch-up images and add effects to photos. For example, you can apply a stained glass effect, add text, and add custom borders and drop shadows to images. It also includes tools for fixing common digital photo problems, such as blemishes, red eye, and shadows. And no matter what edits you make, the program keeps backup copies of the original images so that you can revert back to the unedited versions.

Although it does not offer as many tools as advanced applications like ACDSee Pro, ACDSee is still a quality choice. It offers an interface familiar to Windows users, supports a vast amount of file formats, and helps you manage your digital photo library. For these reasons, ACDSee is a good option for the amateur photographer who wants advanced editing tools for a reasonable price.

Updated: February 21, 2017

▶ Extensión de archivo principal

.asw – ACDSee Slideshow Wizard File

▶ Otras extensiones de archivo utilizadas ACD Systems ACDSee 20

Tipos de archivos soportados
.DJVU DjVu Image
.JBR Paint Shop Pro Brushes File
.M4V iTunes Video File
.BAY Casio RAW Image
.SWF Shockwave Flash Movie
.SRW Samsung RAW Image
.PIX Alias PIX Image
.IFF Interchange File Format
.ADTS Audio Data Transport Stream File
.ASF Advanced Systems Format File
.SRF Sony RAW Image
.ARW Sony Digital Camera Image
.APD ACDSee Photo Document
.PSD Adobe Photoshop Document
.GIF Graphical Interchange Format File
.EMF Enhanced Windows Metafile
.PSP PaintShop Pro Image File
.PCT Picture File
.CNV Canvas 6-8 Drawing File
.ORF Olympus RAW File
.CR2 Canon Raw Image File
.PCX Paintbrush Bitmap Image File
.DNG Digital Negative Image File
.DCR Kodak RAW Image File
.BMP Bitmap Image File
.PEF Pentax Electronic File
.MEF Mamiya RAW Image
.ICL Windows Icon Library File
.RAS Sun Raster Graphic
.HDR High Dynamic Range Image File
.AVI Audio Video Interleave File
.ICN Windows Icon File
.JP2 JPEG 2000 Core Image File
.KDC Kodak Photo-Enhancer File
.RSB Red Storm Bitmap File
.ABR Adobe Photoshop Brushes File
.THM Thumbnail Image File
.PICT Picture File
.MOS Leaf Camera RAW File
.MP3 MP3 Audio File
.PCD Kodak Photo CD Image File
.EPS Encapsulated PostScript File
.MRW Minolta Raw Image File
.JPC JPEG 2000 Code Stream File
.ICO Icon File
.PDF Portable Document Format File
.PGM Portable Gray Map Image
.PS PostScript File
.PBM Portable Bitmap Image
.CVX Canvas Drawing File
.PSPBRUSH PaintShop Pro Brush File
.PIC Generic Picture File
.WAV WAVE Audio File
.WMV Windows Media Video File
.CRW Canon Raw CIFF Image File
.PPM Portable Pixmap Image File
.ERF Epson RAW File
.M4A MPEG-4 Audio File
.RW2 Panasonic RAW Image
.RAF Fuji RAW Image File
.RAW Raw Image Data File
.RWL Leica RAW Image
.XPM X11 Pixmap Graphic
.TGA Targa Graphic
.TTC TrueType Font Collection
.MP4 MPEG-4 Video File
.TTF TrueType Font
.SND Sound File
.SGI Silicon Graphics Image File
.SR2 Sony RAW Image
.TIF Tagged Image File
.XBM X11 Bitmap Graphic
.NEF Nikon Electronic Format RAW Image
.WMF Windows Metafile
.PNG Portable Network Graphic
.WBMP Wireless Bitmap Image File
.NRW Nikon Raw Image File
.PSPIMAGE PaintShop Pro Image
.WMA Windows Media Audio File
Formatos de archivo relacionados adicionales
.VFW Video for Windows
.TIFF Tagged Image File Format
.ARJ ARJ Compressed File Archive
.AIFC Compressed Audio Interchange File
.SMI SMIL Presentation
.AIS ACDSee Image Sequence File
.ART AOL Compressed Image File
.MPA MPEG-2 Audio File
.ANI Windows Animated Cursor
.AIF Audio Interchange File Format
.EPSF Encapsulated PostScript Format File
.EXIF Exchangeable Image Information File
.GZ Gnu Zipped Archive
.CUR Windows Cursor
.J2K JPEG 2000 Image
.DCX Zsoft Multi-Page Paintbrush File
.DJV DjVu Image
.QTIF QuickTime Image File
.J2C JPEG 2000 Code Stream
.FPX FlashPix Bitmap Image File
.UU Uuencoded File
.UUE Uuencoded File
.INT SGI Integer Image
.AIFF Audio Interchange File Format
.QT Apple QuickTime Movie
.QTM Apple QuickTime Movie File
.JIF JPEG Image File
.THM Video Thumbnail File
.JPF JPEG 2000 Image
.JPX JPEG 2000 Image File
.MP2 MPEG Layer II Compressed Audio File
.M1A MPEG-1 Audio File
.M1V MPEG-1 Video File
.SML SMIL Slideshow Presentation
.TGZ Gzipped Tar File
.AU Audio File
.M75 MPEG Video
.QCP PureVoice Audio File
.QTI QuickTime Image File
.PSPD PhotoSuite 5 Project File
.SD2 Sound Designer II File
.JFIF JPEG File Interchange Format
.CAB Windows Cabinet File
.M3U Media Playlist File
.MOV Apple QuickTime Movie
.RGB RGB Bitmap
.MPV MPEG Elementary Stream Video File
.MP2V MPEG-2 Video File
.ZIP Zipped File
.MPG MPEG Video File
.QIF QuickTime Image File
.TAR Consolidated Unix File Archive
.RAR WinRAR Compressed Archive
.M2A MPEG-1 Layer 2 Audio File
.TAR.GZ Compressed Tarball File
.SWA Shockwave Audio
.SMIL SMIL Presentation File
.ULW u-Law Audio File
.M15 MPEG Video
.XIF ScanSoft Pagis File
.LBM Deluxe Paint Bitmap Image
.LHA LHARC Compressed Archive